BeOne is a professional services firm based in Uzbekistan that offers a wide range of consulting services.


We provide a wide range of high-quality consulting services to domestic and foreign companies doing business in Uzbekistan and internationally.

Our team is a unique blend of global expertise and local insight. Before joining BeOne, our people worked at various domestic and international companies, including Big Four firms.

We are a trusted business partner for our clients. Our strategic partnership network spans far beyond Uzbekistan and encompasses more than 4,000 professionals based in different countries, enabling us to respond to our clients’ needs across a range of geographies.


    Specialization is at the core of BeOne’s development agenda. Our professionals have a wealth of experience and knowledge in areas such as business process optimization, risk management, national and local taxation, accounting, business process operations, etc.


    BeOne offers effective solutions to achieve the best results in all areas of business. We are committed to providing the highest-quality services tailored to our clients’ needs, while maintaining professional ethics and accountability.


    We strive to become part of a client’s team and their strategic partner by delivering consistently high-quality services. Client satisfaction is a primary goal for BeOne.

    What distinguishes us is our focus on creating greater value for our clients and building lasting relationships with them based on shared priorities and principles and a collaborative culture.
The business landscape is changing almost daily, as are customer expectations. We help companies adapt to changes, manage risks, strengthen their market position and achieve performance improvements. We also assist clients in entering new markets and carrying out transactions of any kind.

Our consulting services cover supply chain management, design of technology solutions and implementation of cybersecurity protection. We help our clients address complex issues and capture growth opportunities.

By leveraging our consultants’ experience, companies across economic sectors can get a fresh perspective on their competitive advantages and strategic priorities, and apply innovative solutions to improve their market positioning.

Whatever our clients' objectives – to acquire or divest a business or assets, restructure or value a business, or explore new market opportunities – we can help to accomplish them.

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, we assist clients in achieving balanced growth. We are ready to support them throughout the transaction lifecycle, helping to save time, mitigate risks and drive future success.

    What BeOne offers

    Our objective is to minimize our clients’ tax burden by offering optimal solutions in situations that may potentially lead to tax risks.

    Careful tax planning is crucial for any business, regardless of scale.

    Clients often have to adapt quickly to new and ever-changing conditions in order to comply with emerging local and international tax regulations.

    Our team of seasoned professionals can help you throughout your growth journey and assist in implementing the most effective solutions.

      What BeOne offers

      We offer a full range of tax, accounting and HR managed services: outsourcing of financial, tax and HR accounting and reporting, accounting technology and tax performance improvement.

      We tailor our approach to the needs of each client, with flexibility being at the core of our services. For each project, we will hand-pick an experienced team with a deep understanding of your industry. Our professionals will always be in touch and ready to help you with any business challenges.

        What BeOne offers

        Our legal team, consisting of experienced professionals with unique qualifications, offers a wide range of legal services to both new entrants venturing into the Uzbek market and established entities already doing business locally.

        We assist our clients in navigating the constantly evolving legal landscape of Uzbekistan, marked by frequent changes and challenges in the practical application of legal concepts.

          What BeOne offers?


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